Big Company Skytopia – The game’s overall economy looks very straightforward

Goodgame Studios, known for Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, will be releasing their new game on August 2nd on Android and iOS.

Big Company Skytopia Hack, sets you in charge of creating a floating city not dissimilar from Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. You’ll sign up for famous researchers, like Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla, in constructing your city that prides itself on the growth of science.

The overall game resembles your standard city constructor game – accumulate resources which means you can make complexes that could keep your people happy and better your city.

The game’s market looks fairly straightforward and I picture you’ll get that same gratifying feeling of seeing your city develop bit by bit that you often get in these games.

Android users can pre-register for Big Company Skytopia Hack right now, while iOS users else can just choose it up when it lands on August 2nd.

Big Company Skytopia Hack is a distinctive sky city simulation game developed by Goodgame Studios. Get together with a few of the most famous scientists to help make the Skytopia vision become more active and go after their imagine a floating city in the sky. It’s time to play your part in the new industrial revolution above the clouds.

Produce goods, fabricate products, and operate the most effective artifacts. Build factories and stores as well as prestigious complexes, and beautify your sky city with stunning decor. Use your earnings to upgrade and increase your city in the sky until you become the most successful businessman above the clouds.

Master interesting quests and problems under the auspices of science. Meet famous experts such as Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, and even a young Albert Einstein. Follow in their footsteps and be encouraged by their very best achievements. Meet other business owners from all over the world. Surround yourself with the smart and rich, found a corporation, and talk about business strategies to grow your big fortune.

Success brings about celebrations and engaging activities. Discover interesting happenings and missions. Organize a great parade to celebrate the latest invention, bet on another individuals achievements, or like a Wild Western show. If you get caught up in the overall game, browse the video tutorial walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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