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How Are Acid Cigars Made?

Acid cigars are becoming more and more popular these days. However, the name acid does not signify that the cigar is made out of drugs or any type of corrosive liquid. Instead, the word “acid” stands for the Arielle Chester Industrial Design, which is basically the name of the company of the artist that made the unique and distinctive labels of the cigars. The company that manufactured the cigars is none other than the Drew Estate, which is based in Florida. The cigars; however, are being manufactured in Nicaragua.

The Start of the Cigars
The owners of the Drew Estate namely Marvin Samel and Jonathan Drew started to sell the cigars in New York in the year 1998. They were tremendously inspired by the works of a certain artist named Scott Chester, which is why they eventually introduced the Acid brand of the cigars in 1999. By 2004, the Drew Estate eventually moved the entire operations to Miami. In order to produce authentic and great quality of cigars, the Drew Estate made sure that their products are also manufactured in Nicaragua. As a matter of fact, the company was able to open the largest cigar-producing facility in the country that measures more than 100,000 square feet with regards to the area. The company makes use of quality herbs from Nicaraguan farms and blends it with wines and other spices in order to produce a very distinctive flavor.

The Unique Identity of the Cigars
Aside from the flavor produced by the cigars, another thing that makes the acid cigar well known to many is its eye-catching and distinctive label. The label is based on the beautiful artwork of Mr. Scott Chester. The company also added color coding to the cigars to make it easier for consumers to identify and determine the type, characteristic, and quality. These four colors include purple, gold, red, and blue. The blue cigars are considered as the classic type. The red cigars are stronger and more potent compared to the blue ones. The gold cigars are mild and mellow tasting while the purple cigars are very aromatic. Aside from the color coding, the company also developed the Krush Classic cigars, which are recognized as the miniature version of the original type of cigar. In addition to this, two other versions were also produced by the Drew Estate. These are the Acid One and the Acid Five. The Acid One was considered as their original product, while the Acid Five was a limited edition cigar of the Acid One.