Nouveau-thé : discover Tea Palace’s new White Peony Tea collection

Tea Palace White Tea Tasting Selection

Tea Palace White Tea Tasting Selection

Amongst my favourite British tea brands is Tea Palace. Often delicate and classy but sometimes extravagant, the pretty purple tin offers many wonders, the last of which is this new White Peony tea collection. Discover Tea Palace’s White Peony tea with Peach, Oolong or Mint. 

I had picked their White Peony with Rosebuds for my Rose tea selection a while ago. And Tea Palace also proposes a great White Peony tea. These two classics are now joined by « three new buddies », as the brand puts it:

White Peony with Peach, « blended with real peach pieces for a sweet yet subtle flavour. Peach is highly prized in Chinese culture, said to possess vitality and medicinal qualities; it is therefore a natural ingredient to blend with the finest quality white tea to marry the best of Chinese indigenous plants for this delectable blend.Smooth and palatable with a sweet and fresh aroma, this blend still produces a characteristically clear liquor and immensely drinkable tea. »

The second one is White Peony with Mint, « blended with organic Peppermint for a refreshing digestive. Known for its digestive and stimulating qualities; our peppermint is organic and specially sourced to the highest quality standards to ensure the most flavoursome infusion possible. When combined with our finest white peony leaves a fragrant and refreshing blend with a pale gold liquor. Wonderful as a digestive as well as at any other time in the day. »

The third one is White Peony with Oolong, « for a woody yet subtle flavour. Oolong is known for its unique production method, known as half-fermented; which produces tea leaves that yield a distinct cup with woody notes and an undertone of honey. We have combined this distinct flavour profile with our high-quality white peony leaves to produce a subtle, earthy and moreish blend with a rosy gold liquor. »

You can try these teas separately or succumb to the White Tea Tasting Selection, with standard caddies of the plain White Peony and Rosebuds Peony tea, and sample caddies of the three new teas, together with a Horn Infuser Mug.

I don’t know about you, but I’d just LOVE to try the White Peony with Peach tea, because I think the peach pieces will match perfectly the natural aromas of this Chinese white tea. But I’d probably kill to try the White Peony with Oolong – and that’s probably because of my own passion for oolong tea. Since I’ll be travelling to the UK next month, I’ll definitely try and give it a go and tell you about it when I get back home!